Preserve Gains in Children’s Health Care Coverage

Preserve Gains in Children's Health Care Coverage

Iowa AAP members- We need your help! Please contact your US Representatives and Senators (see below) to let them know that as a Pediatrician, you want them to maintain the same level of support for children's healthcare coverage that we currently have. No decreases! Children are a great investment. Children do not drive healthcare costs. Children do not choose their family and should not suffer poor healthcare just because their parents are not in a financial position to pay for it.

Do this today! We need to stop this bill! This process can take as little as 5 minutes of your time!

To contact your representative, go to: and click on "Preserve Gains in Children's Health Care Coverage" in the Advocacy Action Center.
Log in when asked.
You will be taken to an email template and talking points to guide your outreach.
You may send the template or you may edit. Here are the Iowa Snapshot of Children's Coverage, Iowa Medicaid Fact Sheet, and Iowa CHIP Fact Sheet from the National AAP for your reference.

It is fine to call in addition to sending the email!

Thanks on behalf of your patients and Iowa children.