IA AAP Legislative Priorities

IA AAP 2023 Legislative Priorities

Children's Mental Health:

Sufficient and sustainable funding of comprehensive children's mental health systems to:
•Ensure greater access to crisis services and treatment
•Expand early identification and prevention efforts, including the 1st Five Healthy Mental Development initiative statewide.
• Promote good mental health from infancy to adulthood and provide comprehensive mental health services

Child Immunization:

Improve Iowa immunization rates through ready access to childhood vaccines, and increased vaccine confidence.
•Educate policymakers and families about the safety of all vaccines;
•Strongly oppose efforts to weaken Iowa’s immunization standards or spread misinformation about their safety and efficacy;
•Support efforts to both equitably distribute vaccines and improve routine vaccination rates for all.

Child Health Access:

Ensure children’s access to health care through:
•A comprehensive Medicaid program that maintains Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) benefits
•Addressing barriers to care for Iowa children including the social determinants of health impacting maternal-child health
• Addressing provider workforce shortages and promote environments conducive to the recruitment and retention of providers

Childhood Trauma:

Expand protections and community resources to maintain childhood safety through:
• Prevention, recognition and response to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
• Identification and prevention of child abuse
• Gun safety and injury prevention

How can we help in the policymaking process?

As experts in child health, we can policymakers, professionals, and advocates identify policies, strategies, and resources to:

  • Promote universal health care access for children, including their mental health
  • Support early identification and follow up for children with delays or disabilities
  • Reduce the impact of childhood trauma and incorporate trauma-informed practices
  • Expand childhood obesity prevention, assessment, and treatment initiatives
  • Reduce the incidence and impact of infectious diseases
  • Safeguard teen physical and sexual health and reduce the risk of substance abuse

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