IA AAP Legislative Priorities

IA AAP 2018 Legislative Priorities

Children's Mental Health:

Create a comprehensive children’s mental health system with greater access to crisis services and enhanced early intervention and prevention efforts

Child Health:

Ensure children’s access to health care, support EPSDT, reduce the incidence of childhood obesity, and limit youth access to tobacco

Child Safety:

Reduce childhood injuries and accidental deaths by supporting the Poison Control Center, limiting risks from firearms, and reducing school sports concussions

Childhood Trauma:

Support Iowa’s Child Protection Centers, expand medical services for traumatized children, and increase physician involvement in child protection services

Childhood Immunization:

Improve Iowa immunization rates through ready access to childhood vaccines, education about their safety and effectiveness, and strengthened school vaccination policies

How can we help in the policymaking process?

As experts in child health, we can policymakers, professionals, and advocates identify policies, strategies, and resources to:

  • Promote universal health care access for children, including their mental health
  • Support early identification and follow up for children with delays or disabilities
  • Reduce the impact of childhood trauma and incorporate trauma-informed practices
  • Expand childhood obesity prevention, assessment, and treatment initiatives
  • Reduce the incidence and impact of infectious diseases
  • Safeguard teen physical and sexual health and reduce the risk of substance abuse

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