IA AAP Legislative Priorities

IA AAP 2017 Legislative Priorities

Children's Mental Health:

IA AAP believes the Iowa mental health system should be comprehensive and encompass early identification and prevention measures, while having the ability to provide all services in state.

Regarding Access to Mental Health Services, the IA AAP advocates for improving identification of mental illness through increased screening, addressing inadequate insurance coverage and high out-of-pocket costs that create barriers to access, strengthening the overall quality of mental health access, and expanding the Medicaid reimbursement policy to include mental health and developmental services.

Early Childhood Initiatives:

IA AAP supports continued support for 1st Five, ACEs initiative, and early childhood education, literacy and childcare initiatives.

Child Safety:

IA AAP supports funding for the Poison Control Center and Child Protective Center.

IA AAP supports raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21 and other important issues to child safety.

Immunization Education:

IA AAP supports efforts to educate all Iowans about the safety and effectiveness of childhood vaccination.

Access to Care Issues:

IA AAP supports the State realizing the immediate need for physicians in rural Iowa and the important impact of the Rural Physician Loan Repayment Act.

IA AAP supports collaboration with all MCOs to ensure all children’s services covered in the past through Medicaid and the Hawk-I programs and those recommended by Bright Futures continue to be covered.