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Iowa Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics


IA AAP members meet at the 2015 AAP NCE

Who We Are

The Iowa Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (IA AAP) is comprised of more than 350 pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, and other healthcare providers from across the state. While IA AAP supports the positions and policies of the national AAP organization, the chapter also addresses the needs and interests of individual members, and the children and communities they serve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the optimal health of children by address the needs of children, their families, their communities, and their health care providers.


IA AAP is governed by an elected board of directors consisting of members from across Iowa. The current board members can be found here.

2015 AAP Experience

The AAP National Conference and Exhibition (NCE) convenes annually.

Select Activities

One of the goals of IA AAP is to strengthen the system of care for Iowa’s children.  In partnership with collaborators from our national organization, and from several organizations and state agencies, we are participating in a variety of activities on behalf of our membership.

IA AAP is now engaged in two quality improvement programs, both sponsored by AAP National. We have joined other with other Midwestern chapters from AAP District VI in a yearlong quality improvement project to increase HPV vaccination rates among adolescent boys and girls. We are also participating in a second quality improvement program focused on childhood obesity and primary care.

Education and advocacy are another priority for IA AAP. Every year, IA AAP reaches out to legislators and other policymakers to serve as a resource for issues related to child health. Chapter members annually visit with their legislators at the Legislative Breakfast, co-sponsored with Blank Children’s Hospital.

IA AAP members are active at community, state and national levels. Members serve on a variety of advisory councils and committees. At the national level, chapter members serve on a diverse variety of AAP committees and workgroups. IA AAP also supports and encourages members to apply for grants for community health projects.

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