Committees & Councils

Committees & Councils

State Advisory Committees and Councils

Adolescent and Young Adult Health Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (AYAH CoIIN) - Ken Cheyne
Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Advisory Council - Dr. Andrea Reasoner
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council - Dr. Amy Groen
IMS Legislative Committee - Dr. Jennifer Groos
IMS Medical Services Committee - Dr. Chris Kabriel
Iowa Medicaid Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) - Dr. Daniel Wright
Iowa Public Health Advisory Council, Chair of Johnson County Board of Health - Dr. Pete Wallace
Medical Assistance Advisory Council (MAAC) - Dr. Thomas Scholz
Patient-Centered Advisory Council (formerly Medical Home Advisory Council) - Dr. Marguerite Oetting
Trauma System Advisory Council - Dr. Joel Shilyansky
Disaster Preparedness Advisory Committe - Dr. Carlyn Christensen-Szalanski
Iowa AAP Immunization Committee - Dr. Nathan Boonstra & Dr. Ashlesha Kaushik

IA AAP Chapter Committees

Mental Health Committee

The Iowa AAP Mental Health Committee members work together to provide training and information on children's mental health issues for the IA-AAP Board and Members. They also provide expertise and advice on legislative issues which can impact mental health. If interested in the committee, please contact Dr. Amy Shriver at for more information.

Immunization Committee

The Iowa AAP Immunization Committee advises the Iowa AAP board on immunization-related issues and help coordinate advocacy efforts to strengthen immunization rates in Iowa. In addition, the committee coordinates with the legislative committee during the legislative session regarding the activity of bills pertaining to vaccines. The committee coordinates by email and phone conference. Chapter members who are interested in this committee can e-mail the committee chairperson, Dr. Nathan Boonstra at for more information.


Legislative Advocacy Committee

Chapter members who participate on the Iowa AAP Legislative Advocacy Committee work together on behalf of the chapter to promote efforts and initiatives that improve the health and well being of the children of Iowa, and their families and communities. Committee members closely monitor activity during each year's legislative session, but remain active throughout the year to help the chapter prioritize issues to support during the sessions.

Their goal: to promote engagement in advocacy on behalf of kids at the local, state and federal levels.

If you are interested in joining this group please email the committee chairperson, Dr. Jennifer Groos at

Committee on Childhood Obesity

Do you have and interest in prevention and treatment of pediatric obesity?  The Iowa Chapter AAP has newly formed a Committee on Obesity.   We have collaborated with the Iowa Medical Society and other health care associations to develop an Iowa specific Healthcare Provider Toolkit for the Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Obesity.  We are also partnering with state government and public and private groups across our state working on pediatric obesity initiatives.

The committee with meet via conference call 2-4 times per year to discuss current pediatric obesity initiatives in our state and share national AAP education opportunities.  The time commitment for this group is minimal.  If you are unable to join the conference calls minutes will be sent out to keep you up to date.  Our goal is to bring together a group of IA AAP members who have an interest in this topic.  Information about local and national education opportunities and initiatives will be regularly sent to members of the committee.  The meetings will allow providers the opportunity to network with other members with expertise and experience in this field and share successes and challenges in addressing this issue in our state.

If you are interested in joining this group please email the committee chairperson, Dr. Jennifer Groos at

Click here to access the Childhood Obesity Toolkit.


Appointment Policy – Advisory Councils and Committees

When Iowa AAP receives a request for a member to represent the chapter on a council or committee, we will announce the position to members by email and post it on the website. The announcement will include the description of the duties and the time commitment, the duration of the appointment, and the response time for members to indicate their interest (generally, at least one week, depending on the immediacy of the need).

Interested members should explain why they are interested and assure that they can meet the time commitment. If more than one person expresses interest in the position, the IA AAP Board of Directors will choose from among the qualified applicants. If there are no qualified applicants, the Board will appoint someone to fill the need. Representatives must be active members of the chapter to be considered, but they may join IA AAP at the time of application.

IA AAP welcomes all members to participate in chapter activities. If you would like to learn more about serving as a member of a council or committee, please contact us.

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