Chapter CATCH Facilitators – Seeking two champions

Responsibilities and Activities

The role of a Chapter CATCH Facilitator (CCF) is to encourage and support pediatricians in their chapter as they work to collaborate within their communities to advance the health of all children. Chapter CATCH Facilitators represent the national AAP CATCH Program and must be a national AAP member as well as a chapter member. The responsibilities and activities of a Chapter CATCH Facilitator include:

Technical Assistance
➢ Review and score CATCH Planning, Implementation, and Resident grant applications (February and August of each year)
➢ Serve as a local resource for technical assistance to pediatricians developing CATCH grant applications or working on community-based programs, such as Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children projects
➢ Follow up with unfunded applicants to provide additional technical assistance, if needed

Promotion of the CATCH Program
➢ Collaborate with AAP chapter leadership to promote CATCH and facilitate networking through chapter meetings, CATCH breakouts at annual chapter CME meetings; highlighting grantees and grant opportunities via chapter Web sites, newsletters and other venues
➢ Promote CATCH to residents through grand rounds, newsletters and residency training venues
➢ Promote CATCH via Twitter by using hashtag #AAPCATCH

Communication and Reporting
➢ Use the Collaboration site to find resources and learn about upcoming activities
➢ Participate in district CATCH conference calls (approximately twice a year)
➢ Complete surveys and reports (as needed)
➢ Maintain communication with District CATCH Facilitator by e-mail or telephone
➢ Attend chapter leadership meetings, as needed
➢ Communicate with CATCH grant recipients in chapter at least twice a year, and share success stories/project resources with chapter leadership and CATCH staff
➢ Participate in CATCH training meetings (these may be virtual or in-person)

Additional Opportunities
➢ Participate in the Leonard P. Rome CATCH Visiting Professorships and provide technical assistance to applicants, as needed
➢ Attend CATCH or Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program technical assistance visits

➢ Appointments are made by the AAP Chapter President with input from the District CATCH Facilitator
➢ The term length is 3 years and is renewable


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